New Works

New Painting! Just finished last weekend.  I had a lot of fun with this one- after not painting for months- I needed this jolt of inspiration and success.  My inspiration color was cerulean blue.  I knew I wanted to paint lilies again and I wanted to try painting callalilies as well. I love these flowers for their shape and curves and the way they inspire me and let me paint freely with flow.   Acrylic, charcoal, ink on wrapped Canvas.

Commissioned painting for a friend.  A mellow, dark, subtle moody painting.  This is a painting requested by a friend, but we shall see if he likes how it is coming out! I just love working with blues/greens/turquoises (obviously)…It is acrylic, ink washes/drips and some collage of tissue paper. I wanted to add some texture to certain areas, so I added some gel medium on top of the crinkled tissue paper for more relief.

This painting is very different than my other works because of the very strict linear qualities and boxes. I wanted it to be about containment, confinement, feeling trapped, the mundane, but had to put a light edge on it. I couldn’t make a hopeless painting, so there is a sense of relief, light, happiness, vibrancy as well in it.