2020: A year in review

We all know 2020 was a challenging year for many, many reasons. In the beginning of the year I was working full-time (not in my art biz) but got laid off at the end of March partially due to the effects covid-19 was having on businesses. I contemplated my next step and was considering other so-called “real” jobs, but ended up focusing on my art business the rest of the year.

There were however some silver linings to this past year. April, in the thick of all of our stay at home orders, was surprisingly my best month in number of sales of the whole year! I’m guessing because we were all stuck at home and were online and on social media more and trying to connect with our communities.

During the summer, with my only art show having been canceled, us artists got creative. A few local artists decided to do their own outdoor show/sales in their backyards and I was invited to participate. So each of us set up our art in our respective backyards. It turned out really well! I sold 2 original paintings and various greeting cards and bookmarks. It was nice to see friends and neighbors alike (distanced and masked) and of course I appreciated the opportunity to make some money.

outdoor art show

Later on in the year, right around Christmas time, I got asked to participate in a Holiday Market at my friend’s brewery in Denver – FlyteCo Brewing. So I quickly made a bunch more alcohol ink ornaments and some holiday cards to get ready for it. It turned out to be such a great weekend! People loved the ornaments and I sold more than I thought. It really helped me end the year on a high note.

We all wore masks and had all doors open for good airflow!

Here are some other highlights from this year:

-Being featured in my neighborhood magazine

-Being featured on the Her Own Bizz blog

-Artwork started being shown with Guesthouse

-A collection of art being sold on The Underdog Print Shop

-Did 2 commissioned paintings