I’ve been wanting to set up an online shop for a while now…

Finally! My Etsy shop is here! It has been a goal of mine for years to have an online store to sell my artwork.  Over the years many people have enjoyed my art and have wanted a way to see and have my work. And now the time has come!

It is kind of terrifying to put my work out there into the abyss of the internet…it feels very personal because every painting I’ve done feels like a part of me, and I’m putting it all out there for people to see, judge, like, dislike, ignore. It feels risky and scary but I feel like I have to do it to grow as a person and as an artist. I still have a lot to learn but at least I’ve gotten over the hump of the initial set up and creation of my shop.

I’ve spent many many hours researching different solutions for an online shop. There are many options out there – WordPress, wix, Squarespace, Etsy, Shopify. And I came to the conclusion that for my goals right now, I think Etsy is the best solution.

I’ve been a fan and shopper of Etsy for years. Business wise – I’ve heard some mixed reviews about Etsy – that it is too popular and over-saturated, that it takes too much money from you and you can never make a good profit unless you are extremely popular, but also that it is a great way to start. I think it definitely has its benefits with all the integrations and tools it has. I like that it has built-in marketing tools for sharing and linking up with other social media outlets, and that it has integrations with several Print On Demand companies. I’ve learned a lot so far on all the solutions out there and I’m excited to learn more as I go.

After being glued to my computer for hours the other day, I FINALLY got my shop set up and running!

I will be working to keep adding more artwork so that I have a wide variety of artwork products to choose from. So far I have some canvas wrap paintings and one original painting up there.

I like canvas wraps because they are more affordable than original artwork, cheaper/easier to ship, and can be made more than once so I can share my art with more people. I ordered a sample of the canvas gallery wrap to see for myself what a print of my painting would look like. It was so awesome to see in person! It was very lightweight, ready to hang, showed the detail, and had a nice depth of canvas so it looks done as soon as you hang it up on the wall. Easy peasy.

I look forward to expanding my product line – with paper prints, greeting cards and maybe even some abstract pillows!