Always keep learning – expand your horizons – Skillshare

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I was taught at an early age that learning and discovering was important. Always keep learning. I have carried that on into my adult life. I haven’t been in school for many years, and don’t think I’ll go back to formal education any time soon, but I do like to keep learning. I like to take workshops and check out books from the library.  Now that I’m working on being an artist more, I want to continue to learn new techniques so I’ve been taking classes on Skillshare – an online platform with tons and tons of fun creative classes. So far I’ve taken some Intro to Procreate classes – for the iPad – to learn how to do digital painting and illustration and calligraphy. I’ve also taken some watercolor classes, brush lettering, and how to digitize artwork classes.

If you want to try Skillshare – you can use my link for 2 months premium free!

Stay curious,