Podcasts inspire and motivate me

I love Podcasts. I listen to many a week, when I’m walking the dog, painting, driving, or even sometimes in the shower. Here are some that I listen to that help me in my creative journey in some way…

Newest fave – “A Musing – Conversations on Creativity”

Instagrama musing podcast

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I found out about this one from the Don’t Keep your day job podcast FB group – which is an amazing group by the way. There is only one episode thus far as they just launched it – but I am looking forward to the next one.

Takeaways from the first episode – Everyone is creative. I don’t have the problem of thinking “I’m not creative” but I know a lot of people say that they aren’t creative. I think people are all creative in different ways. I have friends who are awesome at making crafts, and I’m pretty bad crafting, but I can paint. My husband may think he isn’t that creative but he is very creative and good at video, photography and designing/coding mobile apps.

Another takeaway that really hit home – When creating – don’t create it thinking I need to sell this, making it just to make money or to sell it. That kind of ruins the moment. Try to create for yourself, just be true to yourself and it will come out better than if you have the “this needs to sell” mindset the whole time. If you are being authentic to yourself and what you want to create it will turn out better in the end. This was a reminder that I really needed, because sometimes it is hard to get that out of my head. I want to sell my art and I need to – but I feel like that distracts me from just enjoying the creative process, and letting it flow. It kind of ruins the moment for me! So I need to compartmentalize the “I need to sell this” mentality when I’m creating and just create!

Favorite of all time“Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller” 

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Apple podcasts

This one is really popular. It has made me cry countless times. It has inspired me. It has made me feel more self-worth. It has motivated me. It has lifted me up.

Cathy has a lot of super impressive people as guests on her show and interviews them so well. It isn’t specifically art focused but a lot of these people are entrepreneurs with a creative element – illustrators/design/music, etc.  It is about pursuing your passion in life and not settling for an unfulfilling life, going for your dreams. It sounds cheesy but to me it isn’t cheesy at all it is empowering and motivating.


Long time fave: How I Built This with Guy Raz – NPR

how i built this with guy raz podcastApple podcasts

This podcast is business oriented. He interviews entrepreneurs who have started well known, successful businesses like Instagram, Canva, StitchFix, Airbnb, Whole Foods – so many good ones! It isn’t specifically about art or being creative but I love hearing the stories of how these brands got started and how they did it. It is fascinating to me.



That’s it for now…I need to go find more creative, inspiring podcasts to listen to!