I’m glad I got rejected so many times…

For the past 6 + years I’ve worked in the whole 9 to 5 office job realm. Trying to find a job and then switch jobs was so much work, involving countless job applications with SO MANY rejections. I can’t even count how many rejections I’ve received. I used to get really upset, but now I feel like it bounces off of me more quickly and I don’t let it affect me as deeply. I believe that a rejection does not mean that I am less than. It just means I’m not a good fit for that specific thing at that specific time for those specific people. And you never know what the real reason is for getting a rejection.

Now,  I am glad that I’ve experienced all of that because it has prepared me better for life as a creative which inevitably includes a lot of rejection and resistance.

The life of an artist is making art that is very dear to your heart and then sending it off to be judged by someone to either be accepted or rejected.

Putting work out there online, in person, on social media for the world to see.

Not everyone is going to see the beauty in my work.

Not everyone is going to love my art.

Not everyone will see the worth in my work.

But that is OK.

That doesn’t mean I’m not worth it. That doesn’t mean I am LESS than. I am not going to take it personally.

I know I have talent and that there are people out there that truly enjoy my art. People who look at a piece of mine in their home and smile at it every day.