A year in review – 2019

smiling leah prusiner year in review As I embark upon a new year… I have been reflecting upon 2019. It was a year of a lot of change and growth for me professionally and personally.

I set some goals for last year, and I’m going to come out and say it – I achieved them!

These are the goals I set:

-Turn my art into a business
-Enter at least 1 art show
-Have an art booth at an art market
-Create an etsy shop

I’ve learned a lot this past year – like the many, many steps it takes to create an Etsy shop. I learned what a POD site is. I’ve done many things I was scared to do – like my art booth events which were terrifying and very rewarding.

I did a commission painting for a friend – the largest canvas I’ve ever worked on and she loved it!

I submitted to a few art shows and while I did get rejected from a couple of them, I won an award for one of them.

I experimented with a new medium – alcohol inks and had fun making (and selling) ornaments for Christmas.

I want to thank everyone who is reading this, who has followed me on Instagram or on other places in social media land, who has bought a piece of art from me, or who has given me feedback. Every part is important and helps support this dream I have.

I joined a group and met with like-minded women who support and motivate one another (a group formed from the Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast with Cathy Heller)

I love sharing my art with you and having it go out into the world.

Excited to work on bigger and better goals in 2020 – let’s do this!