Working on a new series of paintings

An update on what I’m working on…

One of my goals this year is to create multiple “series” of works – so I’m in the middle of working on my first series of the year. This painting above is the one that inspired the series.

abstract painting by leah prusiner
I did this painting recently but I felt like I had more to explore, in this style and limited color palette. It will be called the “A Pop of Poppy” series. Lots of contrast with the bold black strokes mixed with neutrals and just a splash of color in a rusty orange-red.

I will be selling the original paintings as well as prints. The prints will be available on my Etsy shop. I may make greeting cards too!

I’ve been seeing a lot of home decor/art inspiration lately with 2 complementary pieces in matching frames hung up side by side and I really like the look of that. So that is my thought for this series that they would work side by side, or a few pieces could come together to make a nice gallery wall.

And to get a little deep on you the meaning behind this series is about the feelings of nostalgia I experience when visiting my childhood home and the city I grew up in: San Francisco. The orangey red pop of color is reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge and the California state flower, the poppy.

Launching January 31st!