Exciting way to start the new year

An exciting way to start the new year – is with 12 of my original paintings showing at FlyteCo Brewing Denver in the Tennyson street district! I feel so lucky to be able to have my art up there – for people to enjoy while they sip on delicious beer, rather than my paintings sitting sadly in my studio. I hope people enjoy them! They will be up for the month of January.

I’ve added print versions of most of the originals in the show, and a couple of the original paintings to my Etsy shop

5 of my abstract florals on the fuselage
5 of my non-objective paintings on the fuselage

Reflection on 2023

I started to make more time for my art. I did one summer art market and 3 fall/holiday markets. It was nice to be back to doing markets. They are a lot of work but it is interesting to see which art pieces/products resonate with people. My mushroom floral art print in various background colors was definitely the most popular of my recent art – I love it too! I also learned more about creating repeat patterns and played with that by creating some mushroom/flower patterns – like in these bookmarks below.

My most popular art print
Mushroom patterned bookmarks

My online sales were very low in 2023, but I did not add much to my Etsy shop and did not put that much time into it, so I can only blame myself for that. I tried to post on Tiktok more, and created a Tiktok shop but got no traction there so I might just focus on my Etsy shop instead in 2024.

I’m still working on my art goals for 2024, but I definitely want to make some new collections of art! I’m really enjoying digital art drawing on my iPad in Procreate. It’s easier for my lifestyle where I only have short time frames to work on art – there’s no setup and no clean up like with painting!

Personally, I want to hang up more of my art in my house. I have a few of my paintings up but so many blank bare walls.

Hope to see you on my socials or at a local art market this year!