Almost Fall update

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, it’s almost fall and although I love summer, I’m embracing the early return of the PSL and have already started indulging in all the pumpkin spice treats.

Here’s what’s new:

Wholesale: I added a few products up to Faire – a wholesale site – so that stores can purchase my products for sale in their shops.

New art: I’ve been working on drawings of animals lately in Procreate – I always thought I couldn’t draw animals but recently took a Skillshare class that helped and inspired me and so far I’ve done a butterfly, a parrot and a sea turtle. What animals do you love and would like to see? Let me know…

New shop: I’ve added products to Tiktok shop – so now you can shop directly from me on my Tiktok! Check it out if you are a Tiktok’er. I’ve been trying to post on there more – it was quite a learning curve after not using the app for a long time – had to relearn how it all worked.