Spring time art

It has been a long while…I hardly did any art all of 2022 and am just starting to get back into it the past couple of months. When I was pregnant I just didn’t feel like I could focus on anything else like painting or drawing or doing much of anything besides taking care of myself, so I didn’t force it. I let it be.

Now that my baby is not a newborn anymore (wow how did that happen!?) and I’m out of the pure exhaustion and survival mode, I usually have some short bouts of “me” time during the day. So I’ve begun to create art in small steps. One day my goal was to do one sketch of a flower. Then another day to turn the sketch into a digital drawing, then to turn it into a greeting card. It has been slow progress and some days I don’t have any time for art but it feels so good to have these small moments of creativity.

I’m embracing this change and this new phase of my life and really enjoying it.

I have done a few new drawings and turned them into greeting cards and prints. They are of cosmos flowers that I drew from photos I took a while ago from the Denver Botanic Gardens and from my neighborhood. I have been loving all the spring pastel colors I’ve been seeing everywhere recently, so I incorporated them into the art.